KX Long-life Antifreeze Concentrate (Purple)

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HyperDrive KX Long-Life Antifreeze Concentrate is a monoethylene glycol (MEG) based engine coolant concentrate produced from a carefully selected combination of Silicate and Organic Additive Technology (Si-OAT) to meets the requirements of European petrol and diesel vehicle manufacturers. When diluted in water this concentrate gives a long-life coolant which provides year round protection against corrosion, boiling and freezing, even down to -40C.


  • Silicated Organic Additive Technology (Si-OAT) combines the benefit of Inorganic corrosion
    protection and long life of Organic Acid Technology to meet the requirements of modern
    European high performance engine manufacturers
    • Well balanced OAT corrosion inhibitors gives protection for up to five years, however, always
    follow the engine manufacturers recommendations
    • Excellent antifoaming properties protect against foaming and cavitation induced corrosion
    • Mono ethylene glycol base formulation provides effective engine cooling without boiling
    • Formulated to be compatible with hard water and provide protection against frost down to -40C


HyperDrive KX Long-life Antifreeze Concentrate meets the requirements of:
• ASTM: D3306 (I) • ASTM: D4656 • ASTM: D4985 • BS 6580: 2010 • SAE J 1034
HyperDrive KX Long-life Antifreeze Concentrate is suitable for use where the following standards are required:
• CUMMINS: CES 14603 • DEUTZ: DQC CC-14 • MAN: 324 Typ Si-OAT • MB: 325.5 • MB: 325.6
• VW: TL 774 G (G12++)


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