HyperDrive lubricants are developed to keep you in the field for longer. Formulated to meet the most demanding agricultural performance and OEM specifications, whilst providing long term protection, the range delivers in all seasons.

TRactor lubricant solutions
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Passenger Vehicles

HyperDrive motor oils cover grades suitable for all modern day, classic and high performance cars, all developed to meet the most stringent and rigorous of international and OEM standards.

commercial vehicles

Advanced engine oils for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and coaches. HyperDrive commercial vehicle products work to lower emissions, improve efficiency and maintain performance under the most arduous conditions.

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Excavator lubricant Hyperdrive

Off Highway

Our oils for off highway deliver excellent anti-wear performance and corrosion protection in hydraulic and fluid power systems, whilst offering outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, improving system reliability, performance and cleanliness leading to longer operating life.

Construction / Plant

Construction lubricants for engine, hydraulic pumps, axles and transmissions which are all essential components for keeping machinery moving. 

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Product Range

Fully Synthetic
Semi Synthetic
Super MIneral

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