KXS 10W-30 E9/E7 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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HyperDrive KXS 10W-30 E9/E7 is a semi-synthetic top-tier mixed-fleet multigrade engine oil, suitable for use in modern heavy duty diesel engines operating under severe conditions such as extended oil drain interval. It meets ACEA and API performance levels and is suitable for use in Euro VI technology vehicles where mid SAPS products are specified.


• Mid SAPS technology suitable for use with Euro VI, and older, emission control systems
• Top tier product suitable for use in European, US and Japanese Engines
• Stay in grade formulation ensures correct lubrication throughout extended oil drain interval
• Excellent wear control and soot handling minimises engine wear and prolongs engine life
• Effective control of piston cleanliness maintains engine performance
• Suitable for use in engines with, or without, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


HyperDrive KXS 10W-30 E9/E7 meets the requirement of:
• ACEA: E9/E7 • API: CK-4 • JASO: DH-2 • CATERPILLAR: ECF-3• CUMMINS: CES 20086 • DETROIT DIESEL: DDC 93K222 • DEUTZ: DQC-III-10 LA • MACK: EOS-4.5 • MAN: M3275-1 • MAN: M3575 • MB: 228.31 • RENAULT: RLD-3 • VOLVO: VDS 4.5



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