KX VCS 2 Long-life Coolant Antifreeze

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HyperDrive KX VCS 2 Long-Life Antifreeze concentrate is a monoethylene glycol (MEG) based coolant concentrate formulated with an optimised combination of phosphate and silicate corrosion inhibitors combined with organic additive technology (PSi-OAT) suitable for year-round use in the latest Volvo heavy-duty and medium-duty engines, and anywhere a PSi-OAT coolant is required. When diluted in water protects against freezing down to -40οC.


  • “LoBrid” Phosphate Silicate Organic Additive Technology (PSi-OAT) combines the benefit of Inorganic corrosion protection and long life of Organic Acid Technology to meet the  requirements of current Volvo heavy-duty and medium-duty engines
  • Optimised inorganic corrosion inhibitors in organic additive technology gives protection for up to five years, always follow the engine manufacturers recommendations
  • Backwards compatible with previous Volvo approved coolants, including VCS
  • Compatible with hard water, for best performance it is recommended to dilute with distilled or deionised water, as per the table below:


HyperDrive KX VCS 2
Long-Life Antifreeze
Concentrate / %
Water / % Freeze Protection
33 67 -20°C
50 50 -40°C


HyperDrive KX VCS 2 Long-Life Antifreeze concentrate meets the
requirements of:

  • ASTM: D3306 (I) • ASTM: D4656 • BS 6580: 2010 • SAE J 1034
  • Volvo VCS 2



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