KX+ Milking Machine Oil 68

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HyperDrive KX+ Milking Machine Oil 68 is a high-performance vacuum
pump oil suitable for use in stationary and mobile milking machines,
and in hydraulic systems. Formulated with high-quality base oil and
performance additives, it protects from wear, rust and corrosion, whilst
shedding water, and preventing foaming, further reducing the likelihood
of wear occurring. Its high viscosity index and low pour point mean it is
suitable for use across a wide range of temperatures, including on cold


  • Formulated with high-quality base oils with performance additives to protect vacuum, and hydraulic, pumps from wear, rust and corrosion
  • Carefully blended to ensure good water separation (demulsibility) to ensure water drops out of the oil, rather than producing an emulsion, reducing wear in pumps
  • High viscosity index formulation, and low pour point ensures this oil will flow and provide protection even on cold mornings
  • Thermally stable formulation prevents oxidation of the oil, extending oil life and minimising deposit and lacquer formation, maintaining the condition of the equipment
  • Excellent oil surface properties reduce the formation of foams, and minimise volatility, reducing oil losses and maintaining lubrication, protecting equipment from wear

HyperDrive KX+ Milking Machine Oil 68 is not approved for food contact and should not be permitted to come into contact with milk.


HyperDrive KX+Milking Machine Oil 68 meets the requirements of:

  • ASTM: D6158 Type HM
  • AFNOR NFE 48-603 HM
  • DIN: 51 524 Part 2 (HLP
  • ISO: ISO 11158 Category HM



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