KX+ Hydraulic HM 32

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HyperDrive KX+ Hydraulic HM 32 is a premium quality hydraulic fluid, formulated from high viscosity index solvent refined mineral oil with zinc based anti-wear additives. Protects against wear, corrosion and oxidation to maintain equipment condition throughout the oil drain interval.


• Anti-wear additives minimises wear and extends equipment life
• Corrosion protection protects equipment throughout oil drain interval
• Excellent extreme pressure performance protects equipment from high pressures and shock loading
• Excellent oxidation stability maintains oil condition and cleanliness throughout oil drain interval


HyperDrive KX+ Hydraulic HM 32 meets the requirements of:
• ASTM: D6158 Type HM • AFNOR NFE 48-603 HM • DIN: 51 524 Part 2 (HLP) • EATON (VICKERS): I-286-S • ISO: ISO 11158 Category HM • US STEEL 126 & 127



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