Your local lubricants company has moved, Solar Lubricants is now part of Hyperdrive Lubricants

So from now on, the next time you visit the Solar Lubricants website, you’ll be automatically redirected to

Here’s why that’s a good thing
Hyperdrive Lubricants has been behind the scenes of Solar Lubricants for a while now. So you’ll still be getting the same great local service from the same team of people – just under a different name.

At Hyperdrive Lubricants, we’re totally dedicated to meeting all your needs. Delivering lubricants to agriculture, automotive, horticulture, industrial and specialised industries.

We’re big enough to matter, but local enough to care.

Hyperdrive Lubricants – Premium lubricants made in the UK
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ATF Dexron VI LV

ATF Dexron VI LV

Full synthetic ATF fluid Low Viscosity for high efficiency and fuel economy has advanced additive technologies to cover multi vehicle OEMs.