HyperDrive TFR KER01 Concentrate
HyperDrive TFR KER01 Concentrate 20 Litre 20l

TFR KER01 Concentrate

Code: KXEZL10

Fast acting, versatile and highly effective traffic film remover for removal of road film, grease, oily salts, dust, soot, insects and dirt.

  • All purpose, non-corrosive, dilutable strong action cleaner.
  • Built in water softening agents maximise cleaning performance, and reduce streaking, in hard water areas.
  • Contains an antistatic agent that prevents static electricity, repels dirt for easy next time cleaning, and leaves a reflective showroom finish.
  • Used as a neat pre-spray cleaner affords touchless cleaning.
  • Use neat as a degreaser for engine and chassis cleaning.
  • For high pressure washers and steam cleaning equipment, adjust the detergent feed meter so that the flow achieves the required cleaning action (suggested dilution rate is 1:10 to 1:5 depending on the degree of soiling).

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