AgriDrive HVI Hydraulic Oil 32
AgriDrive HVI Hydraulic Oil 32 1 Litre 1l AgriDrive HVI Hydraulic Oil 32 5 Litre 5l AgriDrive HVI Hydraulic Oil 32 20 Litre 20l

HVI Hydraulic Oil 32

Code: KAEHH15

High quality High Viscosity Index (HVI) hydraulic oil 32 suitable for use over a wide range of operating temperatures. HVI hydraulic oils are made from solvent refined base oils incorporating high performance hydraulic oil additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foaming and are boosted by the addition of polymeric viscosity index improver additives that enable these oils to maintain an effective lubrication viscosity at elevated temperatures.

  • DIN 51524, Part 3 (HLP) ISO 6743/4, Type: HM Vickers: I-286-S

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