HyperDrive Dexron III ATF
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Dexron III ATF

Code: KXEMM10

ATF Dexron III is a premium multifunctional fully formulated automatic transmission fluid for use in all automatic and powershift transmissions as well as industrial mobile hydraulic systems.

  • Low temperature fluidity
  • Increased Fuel Economy - Reducing Friction losses
  • Improved Protection for continuous high temperature operation
  • Reduced harmful deposits
  • High Chemical and Thermal stability
  • Gold seal compatibility
  • Anti-Foam Protection
  • GM Dexron III
  • Ford Mercon
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • ZF
  • Renk
  • Voith
  • Allison C4
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Hydraulic Pump Systems: Sperry-Vickers, Sunstrand and Denison

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