KX+ TTF Tractor Transmission Fluid

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HyperDrive KX+ TTF Tractor Transmission Fluid is a premium Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) for use in tractors, agricultural machines and off-highway vehicles where either an SAE 80W or 10W-30 oil is required for transmission and hydraulic applications. Formulated with high quality base oils and premium multi-functional additives, this one oil can protect transmission, final drive, and hydraulic systems including wet brakes. Suitable for year-round use, this product protects equipment whilst reducing inventory and complexity.


  • Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), suitable for agricultural and off-highway vehicles where a single SAE 80W or 10W-30 oil can be used for transmission, final drive and hydraulic systems, reducing inventory and minimising the risk of incorrect lubricant application.
  • Not suitable for lubricating engines, please see HyperDrive KX+ 10W-30 SUTO for universal tractor engine oil.
  • Formulated with high quality base oil, this multigrade oil is suitable for use across a wide temperature range, ensuring protection at both low temperature start-up and during high temperature operations.
  • Premium additive package gives wear and frictional control, maintaining manual transmission gearboxes and final drive condition, reducing downtime, and extending component life.
  • Good hydraulic performance protects pumps and other components from wear and corrosion, maintaining performance and ensuring consistent, smooth operations of hydraulic systems.


HyperDrive KX+ TTF Tractor Transmission Fluid meets the requirements of:

  • API: GL-4
  • ALLISON: C-4
  • JOHN DEERE: J20D / J20C
  • SPERRY VICKERS: M2950S, I-280-S
  • VOLVO: WB101

HyperDrive KX+ TTF Tractor Transmission Fluid is suitable for use where the following specification are required:

  • FORD: M2C-86C, M2C-86B, M2C-134D
  • MASSEY FERGUSON: M1145, M1143, M1135



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