KXR 0W-30 C2 Ford Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

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HyperDrive KXR 0W-30 C2 Ford is a low viscosity fully synthetic mid SAPS engine oil produced from high-quality synthetic base oils and top-tier performance additives for use in modern Ford Duratorq TDCI diesel engines, and in other petrol and diesel engines, including hybrid engines, requiring an SAE 0W-30 oil meeting the specifications listed below. The mid SAPS formulation is compatible with exhaust after-treatment devices.


  • Mid SAPS formulation designed for use in Ford Duratorq TDCI engines, and in other petrol or diesel engines with or without exhaust after treatment devices
  • Low viscosity oil improves engine efficiency, reducing running costs and emissions
  • Excellent low temperature properties ensure that the oil rapidly flows throughout the engine, even at low temperatures, providing excellent protection from wear
  • Top-tier performance additives deliver high levels of engine
    cleanliness and reduced wear
  • High-quality synthetic base oils ensure long oil life and extended oil drain interval


HyperDrive KXR 0W-30 C2 Ford meets the requirement of:
• ACEA: C2
• FORD: WSS M2C-950-A
• JLR: STJLR.03.5007


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