KX Dexron II ATF

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HyperDrive KX ATF Dexron II is an automatic transmission fluid, suitable for use where General Motors Dexron IID, or older, performance is required. Blended using high quality base oils and a balanced additive package, it provides excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion across a wide temperature range, whilst ensuring the correct friction characteristics to ensure smooth operation of transmission systems.


  • Balanced formulation provides excellent anti-wear performance and corrosion protection
  • Good low temperature performance protects even from cold start
  • Low friction properties ensure smooth gear shifting and efficient power transfer
  • High quality base oils ensure oxidation and thermal stability, maintaining transmission system cleanliness and performance
  • Designed to give good foam control maintaining lubricating oil film between moving surfaces


HyperDrive KX ATF Dexron II is suitable for use where the following specifications are required:

  • GM: Dexron IID
  • MB: 236.2



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