KXR 75W-90 GL-5 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil

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HyperDrive 75W/90 synthetic gear oil is designed to combat problems associated with gear selection and overheating in highly stressed powertrains. Formulated with high technology base stocks and performance additives to provide outstanding lubrication at extreme operating temperatures where conventional oils begin to degrade.

75W/90 synthetic gear oil is recommended for use in both automotive gearboxes and hypoid axles where an SAE 75W/90 grade has been specified. In particular it is recommended for Ford high speed and other multi-speed gearboxes and can be used with confidence for topping-up wherever an SAE 80W/90 has been specified.


  • Excellent Load Stress Capacity
  • Excellent Anti-Wear and Extreme Pressure Performance
  • Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Fully Compatible with Conventional Gear Oils
  • Excellent Thermal Stability and Resistance to Oxidation


  • API: GL5
  • Ford: M2C-175A
  • MIL: 2105D
  • MB235.8
  • ZF TE ML 02B, 05B Limited Slip


Lubricant fluid


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