KX+ 15W-40 E7 Super Mineral Engine Oil

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HyperDrive KX+ 15W-40 E7 is a high performance, stay in grade, engine oil suitable for use in a wide range of off and on highway heavy duty diesel and petrol engines operating under severe conditions such as extended oil drain interval. Suitable for use in Euro I, II, III, IV and V engines, where low SAPS formulations are not specified. Compatible with engines employing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and where selective catalytic reduction (AdBlue) are used.


  • Highly versatile formulation suitable for European, US or Japanese diesel or petrol engines operating under severe conditions
  • Low volatility formulation reduces oil consumption and exhaust emissions, reducing environmental impact
  • Excellent wear control protects and maintains engine condition and performance
  • Excellent soot handling ensures oil stays in grade and reduces soot wear and piston ring sticking, offering optimum protection throughout oil drain interval


HyperDrive KX+ 15W-40 E7 meets the requirements of:
• ACEA: E7 • API: CI-4/SL • GLOBAL: DHD-1 • JASO: DH-1  • CATERPILLAR: ECF 2, 1a • CUMMINS: CES 20078, 77 • DETROIT DIESEL: DDC 93K215 • DEUTZ: DQC-III • MACK: EO-N • MAN: 3275 • MB: 228.3 • MTU: Category 2.0 • RENAULT: RLD-2 • VOLVO: VDS-3



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