Hyperdrive oil

A growing distributor network

HyperDrive are an experienced and leading producer of the highest quality lubricants in the UK, operating an extensive laboratory facility based at their manufacturing site in Redditch. With customers today requiring the very highest levels of performance; service and technical backup HyperDrive developed a comprehensive new range of HyperDrive lubricants to deliver exceptional lubrication whatever the demand.

Drawing on a long and rich heritage of blending with the highest quality products, HyperDrive are delivering growth, quality and innovation for their distribution network, backed with the assurance of ISO9001, VLS membership and ATIEL registration.

HyperDrive’s premises in Redditch is where all our products are blended, filled, packed and made ready for distribution. The majority of our operations are focused on producing high-quality synthetic and mineral lubricants. Our ‘hero’ products are our HyperDrive lines, which deliver long-term protection for vehicles and farming machinery at an extremely competitive price.

We also offer a toll blending service for businesses looking to create bespoke oils blended to their formulations. From our laboratory in Redditch we engineer the lubricant formulation to deliver optimal wear protection – whatever the application.
From Redditch the oil is blended and stored at our tank farm, which was built in 2019 following investment from Certas Energy Lubricants. The tank farm enables us to completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, which means all of our products deliver maximum performance for our customers. It also means that – once it’s time for bulk containers or smaller pack items to be filled – we can control the volume of oil that goes in and out of the tanks with millilitre accuracy.

We’ve recently had more equipment installed into our filling lines to fill smaller packed versions of our products. Strong branding of our products helps us really stand out on the shelves against our competitors. Once the containers have been filled, labelled and checked, the final product is ready for delivery. These are distributed directly to our customers or via Certas Energy’s network of lubricant distribution centres.

We have a range of products all formulated, blended, filled and packed ready for distribution at Redditch.

Certas Energy has grown into the UK’s largest Lubricants & AdBlue® distributor primarily through acquisition and is now looking for new Lubricant Distributors both in the UK and abroad to market and promote the Hyperdrive brand.

For more information on our HyperDrive products, or our toll blending service for bespoke lubricant formulations, visit www.hyperdrivelubricants.com or contact HyperDrive on 0800 371 910.