Difficult Debut at Donington Park For Trystan Finocchiaro

Finocchiaro’s first ever round on a 600cc machine required great resilience, strength, and determination. The 18 year old was faced with technical issues, set up issues, injury and fitness difficulties.

Friday testing marked the beginning of a hurdle filled weekend at the infamous Donington Park GP circuit. The teenager’s test day was hindered by a persistent power problem. The technical issue saw to the Transmec Group rider missing 1 whole testing session and cut a further 4 sessions short. Leaving the youngster with only 1 out of 6 sessions completed. It was found after the test day that the fuel filter was the culprit behind Friday’s frustrating misfortunes.

The lack of testing meant Finocchiaro was to go into his 1 qualifying session and 3 races with no found set up. A challenge the half Brit half Italian was motivated to make the most of. However, during the Saturday’s events Transmec Group Racing were left scratching their heads when running into some severe issues with tyres causing an early end to Finocchiaro’s first race of the weekend.

With support from Transmec Group, HyperDrive, and MRCUK the team relentlessly worked to sort the issues for the two televised races on Sunday.

With two days of sorting issues Finocchiaro still had not found a set up for the races having had no time to test. The youngster however remained positive. Reflecting on the weekend Finocchiaro said “after all the difficulties we were left doing on Sunday what we should have being doing on Friday. But we’re here to learn this year and Sunday gave us a clear indication of where we need to go with the bike, my riding, and my fitness”.

“I was simply not fit enough” Finocchiaro continues. Still recovering from a fractured tibia Finocchiaro also suffered with his stamina. Being out with the injury meant Finocchiaro could not train for 3 months over the winter break which was not ideal for his new challenge.

However, it is now back to intense training and 3 days on track in Cartagena Spain to ensure both Trystan and the bike are ready for his next competition at Snetterton.

Report originally posted on Trystan Finocchiaro’s website http://trystanf.wixsite.com