HyperDrive Heritage

HyperDrive has a rich and long history of producing premium products Founded by Tom Wilcox in 1962, Kerax Ltd has been producing wax blends and lubricants for over sixty years. In that time, it has been associated with a number of renowned businesses in lubricants, waxes and fuels, including Duckhams, Burmah Castrol, BP and most … Continued

Oulton Park 2019 Opening Race Reminder

We’re in a good mood and the 2020 season isn’t too far away, so let’s remind ourselves of the incredible season-opening race we had last year at Oulton Park – and watch all the way until the end, we promise it’s worth it…

2020 Hyperdrive ST-XR Challenge Regulations

The 2020 regulations for the Hyperdrive ST-XR Challenge are now available! Any and all amendments for the new season are marked in yellow, so please make sure to read them carefully. Also, any questions on registration, entries and the regulations for the 2020 season can be answered by championship coordinator Dave Fairclough, so be sure … Continued

BRSCC Championship Awards

We had fun seeing some of our guys make the trip to the BRSCC Championship Awards, as Overall & Class A stars Will Heslop and Adam Brown, and Class C champion Mark Noble all headed to Stratford-upon-Avon to collect some trophies! Congratulations to all three, as well as all our other class champions and podium … Continued

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ATF Dexron VI LV

ATF Dexron VI LV

Full synthetic ATF fluid Low Viscosity for high efficiency and fuel economy has advanced additive technologies to cover multi vehicle OEMs.