Importer Excellence Award presented to Alpego UK

Agri Machinery News Trade have just completed their annual Excellence awards held at The Concorde hanger, Manchester Airport. Voting took place between October and December 2017. The farm machinery trade were encouraged to vote on-line for their suppliers, their collegues and team members whom they felt had given outstanding service throughout the year in their roles.

The Importer Excellence Award was handed to Alpego UK

Comments from dealers included “Fantastic company to work with” and “Great support and enthusiasm from a relative newcomer in the market”.

Another stated “The team go the extra mile to ensure the Alpego experience is 100% perfect for the end user”.

The team at Alpego were given praise by one voter who said “The staff consistently demonstrate outstanding technical knowledge, not just of their product range, but also of the varied agronomic and economic issues faced by farmers today”.

“What an amazing privilage it is to have customers think so highly of the work, time and efforts our team put in, that they make the effort to vote for us” Said Warren Rivers-Scott from Alpego UK.
“Supporting the dealer network, and their customers isnt just about selling machiney and moving on. It goes several layers deeper than that; making sure our partners customers, the farmers, are happy and in full support of the product, while understanding the brand and most importantly knowing they can rely on Team Alpego!”

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Pictured L-R Recieving the award: Vincenzo Del Ninno of Alpego, Warren Rivers-Scott of Alpego UK with Matthew Morgan of HyperDrive Lubricants, the sponsor.