Were you looking for Euro Oils?

As of the 6th June 2016 Euro Oils became HyperDrive Lubricants. Owned and operated by the same experienced team we continue to manufacture premium British lubricants; to find out more about the changes click here.

Home of HyperDrive Lubricants

HyperDrive has operated as a key supplier to many major players in the lubricants sector. With previous owners of the business including Castrol, BP, Duckhams, Kerax and now Certas Energy, HyperDrive can draw on a long and rich heritage of blending only the highest quality products to concentrate decades of experience into their HyperDrive and AgriDrive lubricant ranges, backed with the assurance of ISO9001, VLS membership and ATIEL registration.

The comprehensive HyperDrive range meets or exceeds OEM performance specifications with grades available to suit every application.